Curriculum Guides

The Virtual Molecular Dynamics Laboratory consists of hands-on activities and computer-based virtual laboratory experiments (SimuLabs) that engages students to investigate the role of microscopic motion and interactions in the context of traditional chemistry, biology, earth science, and physics curricula. The Virtual Laboratory allows students to experience a scientifically honest world in which molecular motions are computer directly from the elementary molecular interactions and displayed in real time as they are computed.

Here you will find a selection of SimuLab activities taken from our in-progress curriculum guides. If you would like to participate in the beta-test of our other curriculum guides, please contact us. Other units include: "Real Gases", "Reactions", "Molecular Motion", "Thermochemistry", "Macromolecules", and "Water".


Temperature and States of Matter

Ideal Gas Laws

Energy and Temperature

Adventures at the Nanoscale


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