Adventures at the Nanoscale

Universal is a model of the nanoscale world. To explore this research and education tool, you can watch the movies that we have prepared for you, interact with real-time simulations, and create your own movies. Our computer-generated world consists of rather simple atoms, much like Democritus of ancient Greece probably imagined. If we define species of those atoms along with a few parameters to describe their properties, the system can model and help us understand a variety of phenomena of the real microscopic world.

SimuLab 1: Nanoscale Structures at Phase Transition

SimuLab 2: Freezing and Melting

SimuLab 3: Polymers

SimuLab 4: The Homopolymer Collapse

SimuLab 5: Protein Folding

SimuLab 6: Properties of Alloys at Nanoscales


The Universal Application: A Computer-Generated World of Atoms and Molecules

Download VMDL (which includes Universal)

Download Movies and SimuLab Scripts



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