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The Center for Polymer Studies Research Group is devoted to research in polymer studies and statistical mechanics. Each year, a series of public seminars brings speakers from over twenty countries to the Boston University campus. The center's computational program involves the development and application of modern methods of statistical mechanics: series, Monte Carlo, and renormalization group. There are diverse efforts focused on researching Alzheimer's disease, cardiac dynamics, networks, economics, and liquid water. The experimental program is largely concerned with studying the structure of polymers at the molecular level, primarily using the techniques of Raman and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy to probe the molecular structure and molecular conformation of polymers. Particular emphasis is placed on the application of this technique to polymer gels and to biological polymers. Another area of active investigation concerns structural studies of biological polymers, and of natural and model cell membrane systems.
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Several faculty are affiliated with several research groups and projects outside the center. Experimental Condensed Matter Physics and Polymer Physics (Rama Bansil), Molecular Biophysics (Kenneth J. Rothschild), Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics and Polymer Physics (William Klein and Sidney Redner).

Research projects under active investigation within the center include:

There are several other topics under study, including Long-Range Correlations in DNA Base Pair Sequences., Theories of Diffusion-Limited Aggregation , and Physics of Disordered Media.

For more information about these efforts, please contact Center for Polymer Studies Director Gene Stanley (e-mail).

Image Notes: The first image shows fracturing in a disordered network. The second image is a close-up of a computer model of liquid water. water.