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H. Eugene Stanley Festschrift
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 115, Issue 48 (1 December 2011).

Feature Article:
Physicists and the Financial Markets
Financial Times (18 October 2013).

Feature Article:
Interview with H. Eugene Stanley
IIM Kozhikode Society & Management Review (2013).

Feature Article on Interdependent Networks:
When Networks Network
Science News 182[6], 18 (September 2012).

Feature Article:
Beware the Long Tail:
Economic Models of Risk Don't Add Up, Cadre of Researchers Caution

Science News 180[10], 22-25 (November 2011).

Feature Article:
Bubble Trouble: Can a Law Describe Bubbles and Crashes
in Financial Markets?

Physics World 24[5], 29-32 (May 2011).

Quantitative Analogies between Financial Fluctuations and Earthquakes:
"A Richter Scale for Markets"
New York Times "Week in Review" (Sunday, 1 August 2010).

Video Lecture:
"Economics and Statistical Physics"
(On receiving a Doctorate Honoris Causa in Economics
from the Institute of Advanced Studies, Lucca, October 2012).

Video Lecture:
"Physics of Liquid Water"
(Invited MOOC, Oak Ridge National Lab).

Video Lecture:
"What Can We Do Before the Next Economic Crisis?"
(Invited Talk, International Workshop on Modeling
High-Frequency Trading Activity,
Banff, Alberta, Canada, 1-6 September 2013).

Video Lecture:
"Economic Fluctuations and Statistical Physics:
Quantifying Extremely Rare and Much Less Rare Events
(Keynote Talk, International Workshop on Coping with Crises
in Complex Socio-Economic Systems, ETH Zurich, September 2008).

Video Lecture:
"Applications of Statistical Physics to Understanding Complex Systems"
(Opening Plenary Talk, International Conference on Complexity (ECCS), Jerusalem, 13-16 September 2008).

American Physical Society Guest Editorial:
"Econophysics and the Current Economic Turmoil"
The Back Page in APS News 17[11], 8-9 (December 2008).

Recognition for PNAS 102, 16558 (2005):
"Emerging Research Fronts"

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Course Materials: PY 538 Econophysics

Course Materials: PY 895 Network Science

"Why are there so few women in physics?"
March 2004 acceptance talk, "APS Nicholson Medal for Humanitarian Service."

"Seeking Connections"
Nature interview (4/24/03).

"The Puzzle in Nature's Patterns"
BU alumni magazine article (Fall 2004).

Peter Gwynne, "Critical Contributions from an Unusual Physicist,"
Physics World 9[9], 10-11 (September 1996).

Singapore course notes on corruption.

Co-Editor: Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications (Elsevier)

Prize Winning Cover for the cover article:
M. Kitsak, L. K. Gallos, S. Havlin, F. Liljeros, L. Muchnik,
H. E. Stanley, and H. A. Makse,
"Identification of Influential Spreaders in Complex Networks,"
Nature Physics 6, 888-893 (2010).

New Books:

Physics Today review of The Physics of Foraging:
An Introduction to Random Searches and Biological Encounters

by Viswanathan, da Luz, Raposo, and Stanley
(Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2011).

H. E. Stanley [ed.]
Liquid Polymorphism, Vol. 152 in the series Advances in Chemical Physics
S. A. Rice and A. R. Dinner, Series Editors (Wiley, New York, 2013).

I. Florescu, M. C. Mariani, H. E. Stanley, and F. G. Viens [eds.]
Handbook of High-Frequency Trading and Modeling in Finance
(Wiley, New York, 2013).


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