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The Center for Polymer Studies Science Education Group has led workshops of all sorts since the early 1990s for several thousands of middle and high school students, undergraduate and graduate students, high school teachers, and college faculty. These have included intensive 2-week workshops for high school and undergraduate teachers, summer internships for students and teachers, 1 hour, 3 hour, and all-day workshops, and on-site workshops at conferences, schools and universities worldwide. For a workshop in action, please see the CELEST Education Summer Workshop Images and NetSci High Retrospective.

The content of our workshops varies but has focused on primarily on computational modeling, and often on the interface between experiment and computation. These have included studies of network and data science, fractal modeling, molecular dynamics, and neuroscience, the four major focus areas of our group.

Please visit the homepage of our Science Education Group.

CPS Science Education Workshop Opportunities

In addition to ongoing external workshops, the following is our current Summer 2018 schedule of education workshops, to be hosted at Boston University:

  • NetSci '18. Boston-area high school students (and partner teachers) are invited to apply for NetSci High '18. The workshop will include an introduction to network science principles and tools, and link students to graduate student mentors for a yearlong research project experience. The workshop will be held at Boston University from August 13-17, 2018.

  • Molecular Dynamics '18. Local high school science teachers who have participated in prior Virtual Molecular Dynamics Laboratory workshops are being invited back to participate in the development and launch of VMDL 2.0! The workshop will be held at Boston University from July 23-24, 2018.

  • Fractal Modeling & Complex Systems '18. Boston-area high school teachers, preferrably those who have participated in prior "Patterns in Nature" workshops, are invited to apply for Fractal Modeling and Complex Systems '18. Together, we will explore fractal modeling tools used in education and plan the next stages of materials development. The workshop will be held at Boston University from July 15-16, 2018.

For information about the campus during the summer, please visit: Boston University Summer Term.

For further details concerning these workshops or to apply, please contact Science Education Group Director Paul Trunfio (e-mail).

The image above shows a computer generated diffusion limited aggregation cluster, created by the serial aggregation of a random walker.

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