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Main Points of Contact:

  • For science research efforts, contact Gene Stanley at 617-353-2617 or hes@bu.edu
  • For science education efforts, contact Paul Trunfio at 617-353-9041 or trunfio@bu.edu
  • For administrative questions, please contact Bob Tomposki at 617-353-8000 or bob@buphy.bu.edu

If you are a CPS member or collaborator and would like to have your page listed here, please send mail to: webmaster@argento.bu.edu. For information on how to make your Web page, please visit CPS Web Page Help or Boston University's People pages.

Sergey Buldyrev. Biographical sketch, invited talks, links to dozens of articles. Now Professor of Physics at Yeshiva University and Visiting Scientist.

Luis Cruz-Cruz. Includes biographical information, research pages on Alzheimer's Disease, technical information. Now an Associate Professor at Drexel University and Visiting Scientist.

Mahee Ferlini, Visiting Research Fellow from IMT Institute for Advanced Studies, Lucca.

Andrew Inglis Research Scientist studying Alzheimer's Disease.

Erik Lascaris. Graduate Student.

Eduardo López Former student and Visiting Scientist. Page shows my current address, publications, and research interests.

Fabio Pammolli, Visiting Research Fellow from IMT Institute for Advanced Studies, Lucca.

Alexander Petersen. Graduate student.

H. E. Stanley. CV, links to articles, travel directions, and library holdings. Gene Stanley is Director of the Center for Polymer Studies and is the point of contact for all science research projects.

Elena Strekalova. Graduate Student.

Joel Tenenbaum. Graduate Student.

Paul Trunfio. Biographical sketch, hobby pages and family photo albums. Paul Trunfio is Director of the Science Education Group and is the point of contact for more information concerning science education and outreach activities.

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