Invited Talks
(Dr. Sergey Buldyrev)

  1. "Avalanches and the Directed Percolation Depinning Model" , International Conf. on "Future of Fractals", Nagoya, Japan, 25-27 July,1995.
  2. "Scaling Behavior in Economics: Empirical Results and Modeling of Company Growth", Enrico Fermi School on Physics, Course CXXXIV, Varenna, Italy, 9-19 July,1996.
  3. "Analysis of DNA Sequences Using Methods of Statistical Physics," Fifth International Bar- Ilan Conference on Frontiers in Condensed Matter Physics, Ramat-Gan, Israel , 31 March -3 April 1997.
  4. " Long Range Correlations in Noncoding DNA and Simple Repeat Expansion" ,XIII Max Born Symposium, Wroclaw, Poland, 26-30 May, 1999.
  5. "Properties of Levy fights on an interval with absorbing boundaries: Application to biological foraging", Second Minerva Workshop "Frontiers in the Physics of Complex Systems" Dead Sea, Israel, 25-28 March, 2001.
  6. "Models for a Liquid-Liquid Phase Transition" NATO Advances Research Workshop on New Kinds of Phase Transitions: Transformations in Disordered Substances, Volga River, Russia, 24- 28 May 2001.
  7. "Liquid anomalies and Liquid-Liquid Phase Transitions", International workshop on Randomness and Complexity, Eilat, Israel, 5-9 January 2003.