These Java applets are the prototypes original prototypes for the Virtual Molecular Dynamics Laboratory suite of software.

Lennard-Jones Java Applet

Introduces large-scale thermodynamic concepts through the study of microscopic particle interactions. This is the Java applet prototype of our Simple Molecular Dynamics (SMD) Java application.

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Intermolecular Interactions Java Applet

Interactions between two particles using the Lennard-Jones potential

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Intermolecular Movie Player Java Applet

Movies generated from the prototype Universal application. The Movie Player demonstrates multiple particle interactions using a square-well potentia

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Polymer Java Applet

Simple polymer model using an Infinitely Growing Self-Avoiding Walk (IGSAW) which is allowed to step only on empty lattice sites. While a simple algorithm allows it get out of the traps. Thus these walks never self intersect, and can grow infinitely long.

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